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Technology Vision Statement

At STEM ACADEMY we use technology to enhance and deepen academic learning and to build a global community.  Students at STEM ACADEMY learn technology skills so that they will be able to:

    1. Act as active, responsible, and ethical citizens in the digital realm
    2. Communicate thoughts and ideas using a variety of digital media
    3. Create and consume digital information and technology mindfully and intelligently
    4. Apply technology innovatively in a variety of settings and circumstances

Students will use carefully selected technology that purposefully matches their needs and it will be employed with mastery, responsibility, and confidence by STEM ACADEMY. Digital literacy, digital citizenship and technology creation are how technology is integrated into the curriculum and how students’ success is measured.

We believe that twenty-first century educational technology and facilities not only support the advancement and effectiveness of student learning but also provide unique outlets for the development of critical thinking, creative expression  and problem-solving skills.