Design Problem

Creating Changemakers
The goal of this project is to develop and weave together a series of experiences that result in young people seeing problems in their lives, communities, and world as solvable, developing the skills to design solutions, practice creating actual authentic solutions and become aware of other young people effecting change in their world. This model has 4 components:

  • Acquiring Designing and Making for Good Skills - The set of design, making, engineering, and problem solving skills that allow young people to create solutions
  • Creating Authentic Solutions - The creation of actual authentic and useful solutions, products, inventions, innovations that benefit self, school, community or world etc. through this work
  • Developing an Empowerment Mindset - The potential for young people to find and see problems as “solvable” and view themselves as capable and empowered community members through this work - acquiring of “transferable” skills, mindsets, dispositions
  • Becoming Familiar with Powerful Examples - The sharing with students of models of programs that are creating changemakers in order to inspire and inform their work.

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